The Daily Stand-Up Meeting is Broken

And we know how to fix it.

The daily stand-up is broken.

It’s a 10-minute meeting that breaks up your flow in the morning. It’s a “short sync” that always goes over time. It’s the reason why you’re apologizing for being late for your next Zoom call, and why Alex from Marketing is giving you the side-eye.

What’s the purpose of a stand-up and why does it need to change?

A daily stand-up meeting is intended to be short; it’s literally where the name came from. And the concept is simple: to easily share context with those you work the most closely with.

The thing is, once something happens on a daily occurrence, we tend to get bored. It’s a bit of an uncomfortable truth, but when we are set to share updates on a daily basis, it’s easy for others to tune out or be focused on what they’re going to say.

And once something is shared, it’s easy for sub-sets of the group to go off on tangents that aren’t relevant to half of those present, resulting in a domino effect of rushed updates and a growing feeling of frustration.

Rinse, repeat.

Insert Threads: Async communication for the modern world of work

If any of the above resonated, then we’re here to tell you there’s a way to fix it.

Stand-ups shouldn’t even be meetings. They should be threads, instead.

With Threads, people can respond on their own time and when it’s most convenient for them—ah, the beauty of asynchronous communication. You can also read the updates that are most relevant to you, and they can include rich media like images, demo gifs, and links.

And tangents? We don’t even know her. Nested comments and replies are your solutions. Easily tag and request responses from those you need to hear from and keep discussions in their own comment chain.

With Threads, you can get unblocked without having to “take it offline,” eat up others’ time, and reschedule meetings, resulting in you playing Tetris with your calendar blocks. In the span of two minutes, set up recurring, async stand-ups.

And that’s it. Two minutes, max. We’re so confident in our conviction against the daily stand-up meeting, we challenge you to time yourself and give it a shot if that’s the encouragement you need to make a change. You won’t regret it.

Want to learn more about how to convert your daily stand-up meeting into a recurring thread? Get started here or drop us a line at