Move Your Work In and Out of Threads: Introducing New Integrations (Asana, Jira, & More)!

With distributed and remote work on the rise, creating workflows that empower collaboration, allow you to move more efficiently, and provide visibility across teams is a must.

As Threads CEO, Rousseau Kazi, shared at the start of the global COVID-19 pandemic, “the more remote you become, the more you need to lean into thoughtful communication.”

And with distributed and remote work on the rise, creating workflows that empower collaboration, allow you to move more efficiently, and provide visibility across teams is of the utmost importance (or really, it’s a must).

According to our customer, Buffer, and their 2021 State of Remote Work report, 41 percent of respondents cited the biggest change of the [remote work] transition being the way they communicate/collaborate with their team. This comes as no surprise, as most companies moved to remote work for the first time (and are now looking to adopt hybrid working models).

So, what does this all have to do with us?

Moving your work in and out of Threads

We’re excited to announce our new integrations that will help you move work in and out of Threads in a seamless fashion. ✨

As Threads is the most powerful discussion tool to enable your team to share, discuss and decide, we figured it was only fitting to also seamlessly integrate with the tools you already use every day.

Move work in ➡️

You can now easily move your data from a third party into Threads. Whether you have existing content, email chains, or more, we want to help you port it over into Threads for better discussion and decision-making.


Import your projects and messages from Basecamp to add as new forums and threads in your organization. With Threads, you'll get everything Basecamp has, and more.

Google Groups

Import your Google Groups into Threads! This will create forums in Threads with the same audience as the Google Group, saving you a few extra steps. Think groups like @Marketing, @Engineering, @Design, and more, all ported over into their associated forums.

Membership changes in the Google Group will be automatically updated in the Threads forum, just like magic.

How do you get started?

  1. Go to Integrations on the top-left side of Threads

  2. Go to Google Groups

  3. Click Import



Our Zapier integration supports posting a thread, so it's easy to automate workflows by creating a thread when you want to discuss or share it. ⚡

Easily automate workflows like creating a thread when:

  • A new Zendesk ticket comes in

  • A PagerDuty incident starts

  • Someone fills out a Typeform

Zapier connects to over 3k apps, so we’re pretty sure there’s something in there for you to automate! Check out more here.

GMail Add-On

Again, we’re all about making it easier for you to get started. Another way to move information to Threads is by installing our Gmail add-on (which was no after-thought, let us tell you).

How does it work?

Move emails directly to Threads to make it easier to discuss the email with your teammates.

With the Gmail add-on, when you click into an email chain on Gmail, you'll see the option to send the email to a forum, or directly to your teammates, in Threads. Read here to learn more.


This one isn’t new but it bears repeating because who wants to copy and paste an email anywhere? If you’re not one for the GMail add-on (likely because you’re still living in Outlook…ouch), move any email directly to Threads and avoid the dreaded Reply-All or never-ending chain.

Forward the email directly to Threads

You can move an email discussion directly to your Drafts in Threads by forwarding the email to

Before you post the thread, you'll be able to edit it, add people to it, or move it to a forum. Learn more.

Move Work Out ⬅️

Enable these apps to connect your workflows with Threads, step back, and let us do the rest.


Move work out of Threads and into Asana, setting up tasks and never losing track of much-needed context.

How to use Threads and Asana together

Ideas for roadmap tasks and action items can come from a variety of places. When inspiration strikes, add to your Asana task list by following these steps:

  1. Go to the ... menu on the comment

  2. Select Create Asana task

  3. You'll be able to fill out the information for the task right in Threads


But there’s more! We’ve now added the ability for you to create a ticket in Jira straight from Threads. Any bug reports, outcomes from an oncall issue, and more can be shared via a discussion in Threads, preserving all of the relevant context, stakeholder information, and more.

How to use Threads and Jira together

Create a forum for Bug Reports and Product Feedback in Threads so it's easy to gather and discuss any issues that your team is noticing or hearing from customers. When you've been able to gather information and discuss the problem, you can easily create a Jira ticket to keep track of it.

When there's an idea for something to add to your Jira tickets:

  1. Go to the ... menu on the comment

  2. Select Create Jira ticket

  3. You'll be able to fill out the information for the task right in Threads

Here are a few forums frequently used to create Jira tickets to get you started!

  • Bug Reports

  • Product Feedback


Hello, Trello! 👋 Whether there’s an action item or follow up that you want to keep track of stemming from a discussion in Threads, add it to your Trello board.

To add a card to your Trello board:

  1. Go to the ... menu on the comment

  2. Select Create Trello card

  3. You'll be able to fill out the information for the card right in Threads


Not new but definitely worth sharing again. You can connect your workspace to Slack so no one misses a message, and so conversations can easily flow from one platform to the other.

  • Use Slack to send messages that are urgent or ephemeral

  • Use Threads to start discussions that share important information that you want your team to take the time to thoughtfully respond to.

Connect your workspace

  • Create forums: Create forums on Threads based on existing Slack channels

  • Easy onboarding: Allow members of your workspace to join your organization on Threads

  • Mentions: @mention any of your Slack teammates to notify them on Threads

Connect your account

  • Link private channels to forums: Post new threads, and decisions on thread, in a Slack channel

  • Receive notifications: Get notifications from @Threadbot in Slack when you're mentioned in a thread

  • Private thread unfurls: View entire private threads in Slack

  • Post to Slack from Threads: Post new threads, comments and replies in Slack

Connect your workspace or account today, and get set up in under 2 minutes.

We can’t wait to hear what you think

We mean it! As we said at the start, empowering you to move work in and out of Threads in a way that feels like a clean and simple experience is not only important to us…it’s important for the outcomes, decisions, and discussions that you’ll have every day.

We’re here to help, so if you’re curious to learn more about our integrations, best practices, or something else entirely, reach out to us at and we’ll be sure to lend an ear and offer up our best advice (and maybe a corny joke, too).